Leggy Laced Dreams


Given the Reds ability to lace their dreams with all sorts of assistance, Thirds Skipper Ben Zika isolates a lucid vision that many park cricketers of a certain vintage share.


Every year before the cricket season starts I have a dream where I’m a leg spinner.

I’m sure I’m not the only one.  


Fizzing deliveries which pitch and land in an obscure neighbourhood on the leg side before spitting left and sizzling past the awaiting batsman’s outside edge.  


Sometimes I’m sending them down casually in a net.  Others, it’s been Mark Taylor throwing me the ball in front of a packed Eden Gardens.  


The dream may differ but the wrist angle, delivery stride, drift and fizz always feel the same.  I’m not exactly like the legendary blonde Victorian, but I’m a lot like him.  


I stand at the top of my mark casually turning the ball form right hand in my left.  I move smoothly towards the wicket and into my delivery stride.  My wrist flicks and the ball goes catapulting into the air before drifting towards the leg side.


But this is never how it goes come the first pre-season net session.  Like a loud clock radio spluttering on at 6am, pre-season training yanks me out of my leggy laced dreams and into brutal reality.


Practicing the dark art of cricket becomes an exercise in climbing on top of the nets to retrieve wayward delivery or bracing while batsman bludgeon half trackers in any direction they want.

And then I land one… And it had a bit of drift.  And it fizzes a bit and even spins.  And the captain was watching!  Leggy for life!


Ben Zika

Thirds Skipper and regular net-climber


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